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Lombok Island Villas

Villa Nirwana - Villa Floating Lombok, South west Sekotong

Within easy reach of Lombok’s International Airport, these coveted sparkling Nirvana, with floating villas located about 200 meter off the beach can be your escape to an earthly paradise.

Each floating villa is carefully designed and constructed in accordance with the concept of the hundred of years of well proven local fishermen floating bamboo hut, called “Bagan”, it has been carefully modified in to a comfortable and safe floating accommodation. You are among the special people who have the chance to enjoy the comfort of luxurious and adventurous experience in the first Floating Villa in the country.

Condition of the sea of Medang Bay - Lombok island is absolutely perfect for this unique concept ! not only because this little bay has the advantage of the rise and fall of the tides, but also it is very well protected by 4 little islands called : Gili on front of the bay, they protect the villasfrom strong wind, current and waves.

The Floating villas float so well and steady ! the sea water can be so calm and crystal clear – so that you can easily witness the marine world activity, right from your floating villa : Clown fish, Angle fish, Baby Lobster, Crabs or even Lion Fish surrounds you, they live side by side with you under the villa – you can feed them, you can play with them and of course you can go fishing from your floating villa.

TWILIGHT in NIRVANA ROEMAH AIR FLOATING VILLA! With one of the most spectacular sunset in life that you can enjoy from your floating villa. At night – lay down on the lazy chair at your balcony and watch the stars, say your wish as you see the shooting star and surely you don’t want to miss the chance to feel the romance on the floating villa during the fool moon.


- Private Balcony
- Private Shower
- Refrigerator
- Stereo Set VCD Player
- Private Safe Deposit Box
- Tea and Coffee Maker

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